sildenafil 100mg

Our today’s life is full of stress, phobia, nervous irritation. All this factors surely influence man’s health. Moreover bad habits such as smoking, alcohol, wrong way of life and others also have an impact on our organism. This develops into many diseases. And one of them is erectile dysfunction. Lots of couples and families have separated exactly because of this problem. But millions of men who order Viagra decide this problem every day. This medicine became available in 1998.

At first lack of information put customers on their guard about safety and efficiency of these pills. But today there are a lot of researches and more than half a million of doctors prefer Viagra as an effective treatment of disordered sexual function. This medication works for almost all man. About 80% of clients who buy or order Viagra notice beneficial effect after taking it. Even those men who don’t have any problems with erection use this blue tablets to shorten renewal period after natural erective decline. There are lots of myths about Viagra. And the first is that it can be unhealthy. To destroy this wrong belief let’s have a look into composition of this medical product.

It's active substance is Sildenafil Citrate which enhances muscle relaxation and in allows blood flow to the penis. This component is successfully used for many other purposes. This is not drag and not even hormone. It works for about 4 hours. Then it is excreted from the body. Another myth is connected with stimulation. Men who buy Viagra for the first time are afraid that they won’t be able to control erection. Don’t panic.

This medicine works only on condition that you are sexually excited. There won’t be erection just because you have taken the pill. Some people who also buy Viagra are anxious about quality of sperm after taking it. No need to worry. Thousands of doctors have analyzed side effects and came to a conclusion that sperm composition does not change. So you can be at ease about your possibility of issue. There are some general notes about Viagra which a man should know before taking it. This medicine is prescribed to patients after 18 years old.

There is also limitation connected with the amount of drug: not more than 1 pill a day. Viagra begins working in 30 minutes after taking it. Then you have about 4 hours to enjoy intimacy with your partner. Certainly some men who suffer erectile dysfunction or any other problem concerned their sexual life feel some awkwardness about buying this preparation. It does not contain any prohibited substances so you can easily order Viagra online. This may become good decision of the problem. Today there is a great amount of e-shops and websites trading this medicament. You can learn all information about the composition and contra-indications.

Chose the site which gives irrefragable answers to all your questions. One more point, if you decide to order Viagra online learn all terms about purchase and delivery conditions. It is better to be assured that nothing can prevent your happy close relations.

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