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A person has to face different difficulties in his life. Some of them are easy to handle while some take much time. Health problems are just like these problems. When we talk about the difficult health problems then we cannot ignore the importance of sexual problem. With the passage of time, these problems are increasing. Solution of some sexual problems is available while some cannot be cured. Such sexual problems are treated with the help of different medicines.

In this article, I shall discuss about the relation between sexual dysfunction with a person problems and the treatment of this sexual problem. Many people may know that the work burden and family problems become the major causes of sexual problems. Same is the case with sexual dysfunction in which affected person does not remain able for sexual activity. If such a person wants to have sex then he/she will have to use those medicines which are prescribed by the doctor. In this sexual problem, professional doctors mostly recommend the use of Viagra. Viagra is not the only medicine which is used for this purpose. But why people and doctor prefer the use of Viagra over other medicines?

This is a common question asked by those people who are going to use Viagra very first time. There are few things which compel a person to buy this medicine. • It keeps the person sexually active for a long time. • The side effects of Viagra are very less. • Viagra is easily available in market at cheap rate. This is not a complete list of those reasons due to which people prefer to use it. Some people use it due other reasons also which are not mentioned there.

How Viagra shows its working in the human body? The main purpose of using Viagra is to increase the blood flow through the body. According to doctors, the blood flow through pelvic region of body becomes small in sexual dysfunction. If a woman is suffering from sexual dysfunction then she will not be able to produce orgasm and vaginal lubrication. In such a way, she will not be able to enjoy sex. To avoid this thing, she should use Viagra after asking to a doctor. Since there are three different doses of Viagra in market so it is necessary to know about the use of right dose from doctor.

If you will not do this thing then you may become the victim of many serious and harmful health problems. Available doses of Viagra are 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. These does can be found from any medical store easily. In some medical store, this medicine is being sold by its generic name. If you are facing difficulty in finding this medicine by its original name, you can ask the chemist about this medicine by its generic name that is Sildenafil citrate. The use of Viagra carries many side effects. Before starting the use of Viagra, do not forget to know about its all side effects.

This will be better for your health. Well everyone things that Viagra helps increase their sexual energies and helps them perform better. This belief is common amongst men and women . The myth surrounding Viagra as the wonder drug has resulted in the increase of demand for Viagra and the companies are working overtime to manage supplies to the demand. Surprising fact is that Women too seem to be ordering Viagra more than men. We only hope that it is not being consumed by them. Do these women really benefit from taking Viagra?

No, the answer to this question needs to be explained in detail. Viagra does not help women increase their sexual performance. The drug is effective on men to cure them of the erectile dysfunction by increasing blood supply to the sexual organ penis. If this is the case, then why are women lining up for Viagra. Currently there is no officially approved equivalent of Viagra for a woman that has been approved by FDA. Many pills are available in the market which are not approved and not prescribed by doctors and medical community. If women are buying these, they are taking things into their own hands.

The question still remains, why are Women buying Viagra and how do they benefit from it. Well, women could be buying Viagra for their men. Many times or in most cases, solving personal problems becomes the responsibility of the woman and men generally limit themselves to the problems concerning their office, job and outside the home issues. Women take care of family, finances and all personal and health related problems. The second reasons could be that men are shy to go to a drug store and ask for Viagra. Not being able to perform satisfactorily and engage in a sexual passion bothers most men. However they tend to keep these things to themselves and suffer from within avoiding and skirting the issue for as long as possible, until women notice something wrong and help men speak up about their problems.

Women do face issues related to their sexual drives and desires. However unlike men, women's sexual behavior and desire is influenced by very many physical as well as psychological factors. On the physical front they undergo hormonal changes, menopause and uterus removal etc which contribute to a loss of sexual desire. On the other hand, emotional makeup of the woman also affects their desire for physical passion. Or at time it may just be that women are too busy raising children and managing a household that leaves no energy for them for anything else. Therefore taking Viagra or alternate of Viagra by women will not yield desired result unless and until the right cause is established and treated. However knowledge of Viagra and the fact that men do face erectile dysfunction as a result of loss of blood supply to penis and Viagra can cure this should be known to women.

Women can then easily be able to identify a problem with their men and have a Viagra talk with them. After all Men's health is important to their Wives too.

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